How does it work?

Mr. Rebates is too good of a deal to keep secret. Spread the word to all your friends and you’ll benefit, too. Each time your referral gets cash back, you get a bonus equal to 20% of their rebate. Email friends inviting them to join Mr. Rebates. Free text links & banners for your website or blog.  Share Mr. Rebates with your Facebook friends.  Tweet about Mr. Rebates on Twitter.

How does it work? Share Mr. Rebates with your Facebook friends.

It’s easy to get started. Choose a referral option above, follow the directions and you’re all set.

Whenever your promotional link is used to sign up, that person will be added to your list of referrals. After that, our system will automatically credit you whenever your referral gets cash back.

Are there limits to the referral program?

There’s no cut-off date, no time limit.

So long as they earn, you earn. It’s just another way Mr. Rebates offers its customers long-term benefits.Who knew sharing could be so rewarding?

Note: Referral rebates are not earned on manual account adjustments from customer service. Stores

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